Jelena shippers, avert your eyes — and please, give it up already.

Selena Gomez only just kicked off her Revival World Tour on Friday (May 6) in Las Vegas, but she's already gone off-script with a, fan interaction during her show in Fresno yesterday (May 8).

As captured in the video above, Selena spotted a sign in the crowd during her concert. Visibly bothered, she instructed the fan to pass the sign up to the stage. And, in one swift move, Selena grabbed the paper, angrily crumpled it up, tossed it to the side and kept on moving.

What kind of sign could cause such visible annoyance? One that read "Marry Justin Please."

Selena has repeatedly told her loyal Selenators, and the general public, that she is "so beyond done" talking about her relationship with Justin Bieber in interviews over the past few months, and is no doubt feeling peeved that her own fans are still carrying on with the constant reminders of her former flame. Also, how much would you enjoy desperate pleas from strangers for you to get back with your ex?

When killing 'em with kindness stops working, there's always crumpling 'em with coldness.

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