Selena Gomez's music video for her sexy summer hit "Good For You" now comes complete with 100% more A$AP Rocky.

Don't worry -- the video maintains the bulk of its original material. Selena still slinks about and writhes all over a couch wearing a white t-shirt and wet hair, vowing to be "good" for her partner -- a message we have conflicting feelings about, but if she's feelin' it then more power to her, right?

Meanwhile, new footage of A$AP -- where he sometimes stands in front of a giant backdrop of images of Selena taken straight from the original clip -- is spliced in throughout the video until it culminates in his performance later in the song.

Speaking about the video, Selena said she had a specific vision for how she wanted to portray the sexual aspect of the song. She said, “I wanted to play up the masculine vibe of what I mean by being good for you. I feel like the way I performed it, the way the story kind of unfolds…it’s my story. It’s how a woman feels when they wake up in the morning. When their hair is wet. When they’re in a white T-shirt. Things that make women feel sexy and beautiful.”

"Good For You" is the lead single off Selena's forthcoming album Revival, set for an October 19 release date, according to a recent Instagram post.

Check out the new and improved video, featuring A$AP Rocky, above.

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