When we last left off with Selena Gomez, she was fogging up our screens with her super steamy, super sensual clip for "Good For You," the first taste of her upcoming Interscope solo record.

And in a new behind-the-scenes clip on the set of her video, the Stars Dance beauty opened up about the meaning of the song, taking ownership of her sexuality as a young woman and recording her upcoming "transition album," which she says is her most creatively involved work to date.

"I wanted to play up the masculine vibe of what I mean by being good for you," Selena says of the stripped-down shoot. "I feel like the way I performed it, the way the story kind of unfolds...it's my story. It's how a woman feels when they wake up in the morning. When their hair is wet. When they're in a white T-shirt. Things that make women feel sexy and beautiful."

In between setting up shots, the singer dished about her newfound empowerment: "The combination of it being a sexy song and feeling like a sexy young woman, I am becoming a young woman. A lot of who I am and who people see me as are kind of different. It's nice to kind of step into womanhood, and I think that's what this video represents as well."

Later on, she's joined by Justin Tranter (Semi-Precious Weapons) and Julia Michaels, the writers behind the song, who share their own story about writing the song with Selena, as well as the meaning of the track. "It's not about ownership, it's not about being less than...it's that you think they're so awesome that you want to be sexy for them," Tranter explains.

While Selena didn't give us too many details on what's to come from the new LP, the "Come & Get It" pop princess revealed that she's heavily involved in the creative process this time around. "Every single thing I'm even remotely singing about is something I've related to, and something I'm kind of hitting the nail on," she explains.

"It's my time to embrace who I really am. I'm not going to sit down in a chair and talk about something that doesn't mean anything to me anymore. 'Good For You' isn't in your face, it isn't trying too hard — there's so much more that I want you guys to hear, but this is going to shock everybody...in a good way."

What do you think? Mission accomplished? Watch the behind-the-scenes video above and let us know your thoughts on Selena's transition record.