UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 25): She did it! Selena Gomez is once again the reigning Queen of Instagram after hitting a staggering 100 million followers on on Sunday, simultaneously setting a new record for the most amount of followers on any account on the social networking site. (To put it in global perspective, the pop star currently has an estimated 7 million more followers than the entire population of Vietnam.)

Congratulations, Selena—or rather, "Good For You!"

ORIGINAL POST (SEPTEMBER 24): According to the Selenators, Selena Gomez's loyal legion of devoted supporters, the Revival pop star is on the cusp of breaking the Internet.

How, you might be wondering? No, she's not posing on the cover of some magazine with a champagne glass on her butt: The Disney star-turned-pop-princess and 2016 Most Liked Photo on Instagram winner is just about to hit a whopping 100 million followers on her Instagram account... and fans can't keep their excitement to themselves.

As many have noted, the impending achievement is uniquely impressive considering the singer has not been active on social media for over 5 weeks—she is currently taking time off from the spotlight to deal with her lupus-induced anxiety and depression—which is unusual for a celebrity of her status.

Similarly, unlike other Instagram-active stars with large followings, Selena has only posted a little over 1,200 photos, which is about a third of what Kim Kardashian, who has 83.4 million followers, has posted.

Back in March, Selena memorably became the most-followed user on Instagram when she surpassed the following of her famous bestie, Taylor Swift, with her then-69.7 million followers. (Today, the 1989 pop star has 91.3 million followers.)

Over the course of six months or so, the "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer has amassed an addition 30+ million users since breaking the record. And when she does hit 100 million followers, the performer will not have only set a staggering new record, she'll have raised the bar for other social media savvy celebrities like Justin Bieber (who is currently on an Insta-hiatus), Kardashian and Swift.

Good luck, Selena!

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