Shia LaBeouf's latest performance art piece? Playing the role of a doting husband.

Actor-turned-artist LaBeouf has had his soul touched after all, thanks to his longtime girlfriend Mia Goth—and as Us Weekly reports, the actor is allegedly now engaged to the actress-model.

According the the tabloid's source, LaBeouf and Goth were "grabbing groceries at Gelson’s earlier this month when LaBeouf... told the cashier that they were set to get married." The source also added that Goth was wearing a large diamond ring on her engagement finger, a telling piece of jewelry that was spotted again by paparazzi on March 16 while the two were out in Los Angeles.

In addition to the onlooker's account, back in February LaBeouf reportedly referred to his real-life leading lady as his fiancee during the live-stream for his experimental #Elevate project, where the former Disney star spent 24 hours in an elevator in Oxford, England.

The couple, who have been dating on and off since 2012, first met on the set of their film Nymphomaniac: Volume II. In July 2015, LaBeouf and Goth were at the center of a controversy when the two were caught in the middle of a very public altercation in Germany, in which LaBeouf was caught on film seemingly threatening Goth.

Ah, a Hollywood romance for the ages!

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