Summer Fan Showdown is a month-long competition on PopCrush to determine this summer's most dedicated fan base.

The first round of Summer Fan Showdown is over, and yes, the competition is heating up: SHINee and their faithful Shawol dominated against Camila Cabello's Camilizers with over 53.13% of the vote, while TVXQ's Cassiopeia stormed right through Miley Cyrus's Smilers with over 86.84% of the vote. But which fanbase moves on to the semi-finals?

The highly praised SHINee, the five-piece sensations out of South Korea, have won themselves a dedicated fan base over the years ever since their 2008 debut. Just a few months ago, the group released their fifth Japanese album, Five, and toured all over the country. But will their faithful Shawol be able to push them into the semi-final round of the Showdown?

And then, there's TVXQ. The group might have gone on hiatus after both Yunho and Changmin went off for mandatory military service, but they're both due back on the South Korean music scene by the end of this year. With over 10 million records behind their name since their debut in 2003, the comeback after all this time is expected to be nothing less than massive. Will the Cassiopeia, TVXQ's fans, get their superstars into the second round of the Showdown?

The battle starts now: place your vote between SHINee and TVXQ. This round ends on June 16 at midnight.

This round is now closed. Vote in the semi-finals!

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