If you've been paying attention to our PopCrush Presents series, you'll already be familiar with SIVIK, the mysterious LA-based singer-songwriter responsible for crafting songs for the likes of Adam Lambert and Hot Chelle Rae churning out breathy synth-pop as a burgeoning solo star, including his super-popular, blogosphere-approved debut "High."

Today, he's returned with a reimagined version of his single "U Got," produced by UK producer JackLNDN (find him on Soundcloud), converting the airy original into a fierce, energetic dance floor-filler best suited for the clubs.

"After the release of my second single 'U Got', the opportunity to collaborate on a remix with jackLNDN came along," SIVIK tells PopCrush of the remix. "I have always admired his feel for music, and his natural instincts when choosing chord progressions. His tracks are inspiring and really on point. Particularly in this remix, I feel jackLNDN produced chord changes that really keep 'U Got' fresh. Listening to the final edit, it leaves me with all the feels of spring going into summer. It has a really dope beat that drives you and a track full of synths that move you. What else could you ask for!? It just feels good." We're certainly inclined to agree!

Check out the premiere of the jackLNDN remix of SIVIK's "U Got" up top, and let us know if it's added some pep in your step this afternoon.

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