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Meet SIVIK, a man of mystery...for now, anyway.

The Non-Famous Famous Pop Star is something that's become a bit of a 'thing' in pop in 2015, from Sia and her blonde-bobbed works of art to Who Is Fancy (who only recently revealed who is, in fact, fancy). The tactic serves two purposes: To create intrigue, and to keep the focus on the one thing that matters the most (at least, in theory): The music.

SIVIK, a LA-based singer-songwriter, isn't exactly a newcomer to the music scene. In fact, he's already had a hand in penning songs for the likes of Adam Lambert and Hot Chelle Rae. But now, he's prepping to go it solo with his upcoming debut EP, The Spring Collection.

"High" is the song that formally kicked off the mystery crooner's campaign — and also the track that caught our attention from the very beginning.

The dark production — an airy, intoxicating rush of seductive synth-pop filled with sweeping melodies, featherlight vocals and stuttering beats — bring acts like Nick Jonas (a la "Chains") and The Weeknd to mind, although SIVIK's style of songcraft is decidedly his own. The track has since gained over 180,000 streams on Spotify and popped up on the Spotify Viral Charts in the following weeks since its debut in April.

After dropping a second single weeks later ("U Got"), the singer returned with a tender third offering in mid-May called "Everything," a song he tells PopCrush that was "written in vulnerability."

From SIVIK himself:

It describes a very real moment in time and the feeling it left me with when it was over. 'Everything' is a non-bitter perspective regarding the ending of a relationship. It poses a question in hindsight of what was "real" between both of us, with raw human emotion. This song isn't about regret. It is more about being okay with the fact that a piece of me will forever be taken that I can't get back. But, I wouldn't want it back, because when it was good, it was amazing. Even with this perspective...I still think it sucks that it had to end. I'm pretty sure everyone can relate in some way to this sentiment.

Indeed, all good things do come to an end...just ask Nelly Furtado about that.

SIVIK's brand of tenderly crooned, confessional style synth-pop feels both deeply intimate and universally relatable. Here's hoping he lets us even deeper into his world by revealing his actual identity soon enough. Or, you know, not. Totally up to you, SIVIK.

Either way, keep the music coming.

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