Skrillex and Diplo had a spontaneous jam session with members of Arcade Fire last month, and they might be turning it into a full-length album.

During an interview with Charlie Rose, Diplo talked about how the unplanned collaboration came about.

Via NME: "We [Skrillex and I] were recently on tour together in Canada. We went to Montreal, and we had a day with Arcade Fire. A friend of mine was there, and we just said 'Hey, let’s go meet up with you guys.' We went to his garage and just literally played for 20 minutes, just everybody on an instrument. I got the files from them, and now I edit it down these loops in little pieces."

Whispers of a collaboration first gained steam via social media after photos showing Skrillex and Diplo hanging out with members Win Butler and Régine Chassagne in what looked like Arcade Fire’s Sonovox Studio surfaced online. Lead singer Butler was quick to dispel rumors though, tweeting “just showing a couple of friends our studio. Not a session.”

And while Butler probably didn't know it at the time, it does look like some of the instrumentals from that spontaneous recording will make their way onto an upcoming Jack Ü album.

Diplo continued, “I’m probably going to go back to Montreal with the lead singer, Win, and maybe Sonny (Skrillex) and record vocals on it.”

“We just jammed on live instruments for 45 minutes and probably made an album worth of material," Skrillex added.

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