Back in 2015, the David Lynch Foundation hosted a concert in Los Angeles called The Music of David Lynch, marking the 10 year anniversary of the non-profit, which is dedicated to the promotion of Transcendental Meditation programs to reduce stress and trauma, especially for inner-city students, veterans with PTSD and women and children who are survivors of violence and abuse.

Artists including Karen O, Duran Duran, Lykke Li, Wayne Coyne, Moby and, of course, forthcoming Twin Peaks revival star, Sky Ferreira performed songs from Lynch's TV and film soundtracks, and a live recording of the evening's performances was then pressed into a double-LP tribute vinyl released in April.

And that's all great! But for those of you craving more from the Night Time, My Time singer (and, really, all of the performers! without a record player at your disposal, you were kinda outta luck — until now: The Music of David Lynch is out as of this week as a digital download.

To no surprise, the Elusive Masochisteuse's voice is a perfect match for the timeless, twangy "Blue Velvet": the song sounds as mournful, lonesome and devastating as ever. Even more impressively, it's a live take that plays just as good as a studio version.

For a donation of $5 to the foundation, the whole live album is yours. Higher donations lead to more gifts, including a download of the 20-minute film Psychogenic Fugue, starring John Malkovich playing eight different David Lynch characters.

Check out the track listing below, and support the David Lynch Foundation with a $5 donation for a digital download of the album. Listen to Sky's cover of "Blue Velvet" below.

The Music of David Lynch track listing:
1. "Laura Palmer's Theme," Angelo Badalamenti
2. "Love Me Tender," Donovan
3. "Swing With Me," Chrysta Bell
4. "In Dreams," Tennis and Twin Peaks
5. "Llorando," Rebekah Del Rio
6. "Blue Velvet," Sky Ferreira
7. "Sycamore Trees," Jim James
8. "Pinky's Dream," Karen O
9. "Dance of The Dream Man," Angelo Badalamenti
10. "Go (feat. Mindy Jones)," Moby
11. "The Chauffer," Duran Duran
12. "Wicked Game," Lykke Li
13. "In Heaven," Zola Jesus
14. "Soundscape from Eraserhead and The Elephant Man," Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips
15. "Twin Peaks Theme," Angelo Badalamenti
16. "Poem of Unknown Origin," David Lynch