Sky Ferreira is many things: an avid lover of the night time (it's her time), an expert on things that are embarrassing (hint: everything) and now, according to Playboy Magazine, a renegade.

The captivating photo shoot inside, which according to Sky, was produced and directed by Sky herself (a first for any Playboy bunny!), is accompanied by a thought-provoking, introspective interview with the prolific, Academy Award-nominated actor Bruce Dern, in which the two discuss acting, music, stress and self-awareness.

A few excerpts:

On moving to New York and her early days in music...

"I was 16. I got signed, but the label tried to make me into someone I wasn’t. I felt like they were all lying to me, agents and managers and the record company. I write my own stuff, which is unusual. I go into situations trusting people until they do something wrong. It’s not little things. I’m a sensitive person, and sometimes it seems like I’m being irrational, but it’s for valid reasons. When something is so true to me and I know on the inside it’s wrong, I can’t hide it."

On evolving past Night Time, My Time...

"I didn’t want to make my new record about dwelling on the past. I just wanted to get better. When I get attached to something, it’s all parts of me. It has to be 1,000 percent. In some ways that’s why I had to take a break after my previous album. I think that intimidates people to a certain extent."

On expectations...

"I don’t really have regrets. A lot of people are scared to fail, but I’ve never been much of a winner. That’s why I don’t care about doing stuff that could open up an easier way for me to do the films I want to do. I don’t like having people rely on me to win."

On finding love...

"I didn’t kiss a guy until I was 15 or 16, which was pretty unheard of. I was mature in so many other ways, but sexually I was such a prude. I’ve learned from people who are now in my past. Now I respect myself, and I didn’t before. I actually had to learn to be completely alone, to be okay with being alone, sitting in silence and not feeling weird about it."

The issue also boasts acts like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kevin Hart, Rachel Bloom and Vince Staples as fellow renegades.

Read the full Sky feature over at Playboy, see her two covers in GIF form below, and watch a tense, cinematic and very Sky-looking accompanying video from the photo shoot:

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