Rome wasn't built in a day and, likewise, Sky Ferriera's second album is still a few baths and basilicas away from total completion.

In an Instagram post Ferreira shared last night (October 5), the singer said her second album, which is slated for release next year, is a labor of love, and she can't be held to exact deadlines when her creative routine is so nonspecific.

"Patience, folks! I don't have a 'writing process,'" she noted. "The only thing I try to make sure is that it comes from a true & honest place & say what I mean. This album (and every album) is very personal and important to me so I can't just force something that isn't all the way there yet."

More importantly, she said she's learned in the business to focus on the quality over quantity of her projects, and that she'll only release something she thinks she and her fans deserve.

"I need to able to 10000 percent stand behind it no matter the outcome," she said. "It will be well worth the wait...more so then rushing & releasing something prematurely before reaching it's (my) full potential."

And let's not forget that delays may be a consequence of Sky hitting some walls while at work recently. In June, she went on an epic Twitter rant, during which she accused her label, Polydor, of holding her back, and also of replicating her original work. "I don’t get the support I should have by now," she alleged. "At least have the decency to give me some support/budget/promotion for my work, if you’re going to rip off my previous work that I paid for."

Pumped that new Sky is on the way (if a little more slowly than you may have hoped)? Crossing your fingers we might hear a little bit of Blondie in the finished product? Tell us what you're hoping to hear from her new work.

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