It's already been two years since Sky Ferreira released her debut album Night Time, My Time, but if you're eager for new music from her (and if you have good taste, you are), you're going to have to wait a little longer.

The "Blame Myself" singer posted an infuriatingly short audio teaser on Instagram today (July 2) of an ominous-sounding string instrumental paired with a painting depicting a woman with Sky-esque features in a black ski mask. While she didn't explicitly state what the track is, all educated guesses point toward the audio belonging to "Guardian," the purported first single off her upcoming sophomore album Masochism.

Sky later clarified on Twitter that the painting, which was created by Lucas David, isn't the album cover, but that David, Virgil Abloh and Grant Singer will be heavily involved in working on the album's visuals with her. This speaks to Sky's earlier promise of a "very cinematic" song and film set to be released later this year that she collaborated on with Singer.

Sadly, her upcoming album won't be released until 2016, but "Guardian" is set for a summer 2015 release. It's already summer 2015, which means we could hear the full track any day now. Exciting!

Hopefully Sky gets the support she needs from her record label, Polydor, to properly promote the upcoming single and record. She recently expressed her frustrations with their unwillingness to back her creative efforts via a Twitter rant that has since been deleted.