"Someone's gonna get hurt," Skylar Grey sings in the hook to 'Final Warning,' off of her upcoming record 'Don't Look Down.' The lyric is followed immediately by a "Na na na na na na na na na" refrain and a smug "And it's not gonna be me," letting the listener know first thing that the song is unsettling, disturbing, twisted -- and quite good.

The track tells the tale of a relationship stuck in a maelstrom of dysfunction and a woman who can't take it anymore. Instead of just gathering up her things, including her self respect, and walking out, the protagonist of the track plots to murder her philandering lover. "Good morning gorgeous / I drove your truck in the lake last night," she announces like a sinister Stepford Wife. "Hope she was worth it / Don't worry, I slept just fine." She later adds, "I'm going to the kitchen / Coming out with a knife / 'Cause I've had enough this time."

It's a song reminiscent of Grey's mentor Eminem's track 'Kim,' in which the Detroit rapper threatened to kill his ex-wife. But Grey's colder, more calculated, than the heated, passionate Marshall Mathers was. Grey is a woman with a plan.

And if you listen long enough, the singer's haunting, Lana Del Rey-like vocals croon over an argument and a gunshot. It's creepy, yes -- but hell if it's not a compelling listen.

Listen to Skylar Grey, 'Final Warning'