Skylar Grey is back with a new single 'Wear Me Out,' a torchy track accompanied by a (literally) fiery video set in the woods. Grey, who ditched her gothy image in favor of a pop tart one for 'C'Mon Let Me Ride,' the first single from her revamped album 'Don't Look Down,' revisits her gloomy, dark aura in this clip, which takes place in tents, near campfires and among friends.

Grey gets romantic with and clings to a guy who feeds her pills and probably isn't good for her. There's a real sense of longing in their embrace and tactile interaction -- even though they are touching each other's faces and bodies, there is a disconnect there. She is often looking away and at the camera, which means she's not fully immersed when gettin' some.

The singer also plays piano in the woods, which reminds us a bit of Lady Gaga's 'You & I' video, when the Mother Monster tickled the ivories in a cornfield.