Lady Gaga's 'You & I' video leaked on her official YouTube page and it's every bit as epic as we expected. Everything Gaga teased about the clip is there. We see her in several high fashion ensembles. She dons a scaled tail as Yuyi the mermaid, who frolicks in a galvanized tub. As Jo Calderone, she smolders, sitting atop the piano in a crisp white tee and black trousers. Whereas the video for 'The Edge of Glory' was much more subdued, this is more grand scale and makes up for it, with so many images and what we'll deem "Gagaricatures."

The video begins with Gaga walking to Nebraska, picking the grass out of her shoes and her bloodied feet. But we also see her in a wedding gown, in flashbacks. She drops to her knees in front of an ice cream truck, where the frozen treats are served by a scary, toothless man. There is a barn in the distance and we think she's reached her destination.

Her "travel" attire is certainly not comfortable. She has on a black ankle length skirt, those strappy stilettos and huge, metal rimmed sunglasses. She is dressed to the nines, which is to be expected when you are trying to reclaim your man. She has Terminator-like metal strap on her chin and on her arms. It's Gaga the Cyborg? Did she have to put herself back together after the one she is seeking initially left her?

We see the jut-jawed Jo is sitting atop the piano, smoking, swigging beer and looking generally disaffected, while Gaga looks up at him in awe, playing a large, old-fashion wood piano. This is Gaga in the white sheath, with her flowing, white hair and no make up.

She may have walked for miles, but she also dances in a barn, with her wild mane of blue hair. We also see some sort of mechanical Gaga being assembled and injected with some unidentifiable substance. Yuyi is also being watered in her tub by a strapping lad, as she is thrashing and splashing about.

Yuyi has sex. Blond, piano-playing Gaga dances in the cornfield with some fellow dancers. Jo and piano-playing Gaga make out passionately. The video closes with walking, high-heeled Gaga staring into the camera singing "This time I'm not leaving without you."

The video invokes more questions than it answers, but it's visually captivating and is a thrilling storyline.

Watch the Lady Gaga 'You & I' Video