With Lady Gaga's 'You & I' video premiere looming large, more stills from the set are surfacing, courtesy of all-things-Gaga site Gaga Daily and their Twitter account. Two of Gaga's alter egos make an appearance: The mermaid Yuyi and greaser-haired mechanic Jo Calderone. While Gaga has already said that she walks from New York City to Nebraska to reclaim her lover in the video, it looks like she will play multiple roles. Is Jo Calderone the person she walks thousands of miles to reclaim, in stiletto heels, which cause her feet to battered and bruised? (Gaga tweeted that photo herself, BTW!)

It could very well be.

The juxtaposition of Gaga walking in her stripper heels and Yuyi with her tail and the fact that she has no feet is an interesting one. How does Yuyi relate to Jo and to Gaga? What about the other way around? There are so many possibilities and Gaga certainly pulled triple duty in this video.

The shot of Gaga in a couture outfit is necessary. She can't walk to Nebraska and then don overalls. She's Lady Gaga, for God's sake.

The image of her with the long white wig and minimal makeup is reminiscent of her Vanity Fair cover last year, and she looks angelic. She makes a striking mermaid and Jo Calderone sets our hearts aflutter with his machismo.

Tune into MTV at 7:53PM ET on Thursday to get a glimpse of the Mother Monster, her aquatic friend Yuyi and that smoldering anti-hero known as Jo Calderone.

UPDATE: Watch the 'You & I' video here!