If ‘American Idol’ contestant Skylar Laine was really “a lot more nervous than usual” on account of the judges “being mean,” tonight, she certainly didn’t let it show. In the beginning of her segment it showed as the mentors tried unsuccessfully to steer her in another direction with her song choice and take her out of her comfort zone.

Will.i.am suggested she go ‘Ghountry’ (Ghetto Country) and sing Coolio’s 1994 hit ‘Fantastic Voyage.’ We’re not sure if he was joking or not but in any event they chose to flash a poorly rendered photoshop picture of Laine with a Coolio 90's hairdo prior to her performance. Survey says she won’t be bringing that into her hairdresser anytime soon saying “I want that.”

Despite their best efforts, Laine stood her ground and insisted on singing, ‘Sneakin' Up on You’ by Bonnie Raitt and did exactly what we expected her to do by nailing the song. She may be consistently country, but she’s also consistently very good – so there’s no complaining to be done.

The judges didn’t think so either. Steven Tyler told the singer “You’ve got so much heart and soul and I haven’t heard you sing a bad song yet." Jennifer Lopez began by joking with the youngster, “I know you said we’re being mean tonight but if we have to keep it real” (insert dramatic pause here) “I gotta say you really killed it!” Randy Jackson called her their “rocking in-house country girl” and complimented her on picking a country song, as he felt many of the other contestants did not do as well in their selections.

While we are also glad she was true to who she was, we can’t help to wonder if she could have taken us on a 'Fantastic Voyage' or if that would have been a train wreck!

Watch Skylar Laine Perform 'Love Sneakin' Up on You' on 'American Idol'