If you think the new NBC series 'Smash' won't be up your alley because musicals "just aren't your thing," think again. 'Smash' is not just a musical drama, it's the whole package -- what an action film would be if it were a TV show... about a musical.

"'Smash' is not an inside show that if you love Broadway or you love the theater, you’ll like the show – and if you don’t, you wouldn’t be interested,” one executive producer explains. "'Smash,' above everything else, is about stories everyone can relate to."

In a new clip promoting the show, which premieres next month, former 'American Idol' favorite Katharine McPhee struts her stuff as she battles it out for the role of Marilyn Monroe in a musical about the legendary star. "Do you take your chances with a newcomer, or do you go with a veteran?" she asks in the video, referring to herself as new to the stage.

In the story, McPhee brings to the table innocence and freshness, and on top of it all, she’s hot, so she's a favored contender in the race for the big win -- the role of Marilyn. While some critics are skeptical, especially given how much NBC has riding on the show, we feel like it has enough to offer TV fans to be interesting.

Even if you're not into the theater aspect of the show, you're sure to love the original songs, which are in every episode. As the songwriters explain, the songs that they pen are intended to be for the musical, but end up playing to the characters and what they’re going through more, lending to a more interesting viewing experience for fans.

"We set out to do something that no series has ever really done before," executive producer Craig Zadan explains. "We’re creating -- piece by piece -- this musical about Marilyn Monroe." Adds McPhee about the show, "It's about dreams and how no dream is too big."

'Smash' premieres on Feb. 6.

Watch the New Behind-the-Scenes 'Smash' Promo