In the beginning of the third episode of ‘Smash’ titled ‘Enter Mr. DiMaggio’, Ivy (Megan Hilty) is still sleeping with Derek (Jack Davenport) the director, but he treats her as more of his employee than his lover. Ivy confesses her concern to her friends that she only got the part because she slept with him.

Meanwhile Eileen (Anjelica Houston) sells her expensive jewelry, showing us that this broadway show's producer is tight on cash. Then when Derek invites Karen (Katherine McPhee) for a drink to discuss his career, her jealous boyfriend Dev shows up and the men match wits.

Derek, Eileen, Tom (Christian Borle) and Julia (Debra Messing) the creators, start looking for a Joe DiMaggio for their musical production about Marilyn Monroe. They visit a current musical to seek out Michael Swift (Will Chase) who performs a rock version of Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’. Simultaneously Karen worries about this Marilyn workshop taking up too much time and not beng able to pay her bills. Tom and Julia are working on the show but for some reason Julia is extremely against working with Michael, and when we see Michael at home with his family, he is equally unsure for unknown reasons.

A fiend of Ellis convinces Ellis that Tom and Julia should pay him for his idea of making Marilyn a musical. As a result the next day Ellis steals Julia’s notebook full of ideas. Karen travels back home to Iowa for a friend’s baby shower, which is a stark difference from New York’s city streets. Ivy is paranoid about Derek not calling her, but he cunningly redeems himself by surprising her at her current show and sleeps with her in her dressing room.

Michael and Julia run into each other at the office, and it becomes apparent that the reason why the two have been uneasy is because they have a history together. Michael reveals to her that he accepts the part of DiMaggio, despite the audience knowing that he’s worried about supporting his family.

Tom finds out from one of Ivy’s friends about Derek sleeping with her. Tom is furious and argues with Julia about it. Ellis stands up to Julia and threatens her authority, and then gives her back her notebook under the assumption that he “found it."

Back in Iowa at the baby shower, Karen’s friends convince her to sing karaoke in the bar. She performs ‘Redneck Woman’ by Gretchen Wilson. This number is incredible, with McPhee truly showcasing her different range of vocal talents.

In New York, after a round of sex, Ivy confronts Derek on why they never go to his place. He explains in embarrassment that his kitchen isn’t working. She admits that she thought he didn’t want her over and he responds sweetly “Darling, I want you everywhere.”

The next day Julia and Tom make up after their fight, and then Julia confesses to having an affair with Michael five years ago that lasted a long time. We are given a flashback of Julia and Michael kissing on the Brooklyn Bridge, and Tom consoles her knowing that she truly cared about him. However, a conniving Ellis overhears them in the next room.

In Iowa Karen gives her parents her own pep talk that she’s doing just fine; that although her work now may be small, its more than most people will ever get to do. Her dad gives her a check and admits to seeing her performance of ‘Redneck Woman’ the night before. Karen then grabs her bags and heads back to New York City.

The episode closes with Ivy and Michael singing the musical original ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ in the studio. During the montage are scenes of Julia watching Michael sing dejectedly, but then her distant at home with her husband, and finally Ivy and Tom as Marilyn and Joe on stage.

What will happen between Ivy and the misleading director Derek? Will Ellis use his acquired secret for evil? And what on earth is waiting for our starlet Karen around the corner?

Watch Michael Swift Perform Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' on 'Smash'