A string of talk show appearances and comedy sketches may have made Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton seem less stiff to voters, but Adam Driver's Saturday Night Live promos aren't chipping away at his stoic reputation quite as successfully.

Driver, who'll host 2016's first show this weekend, appears in a diner with SNL cast member Kate McKinnon in a series of new promos. And above, in spite of Kate's efforts to get Driver to lighten up, the Star Wars star does little to cure the idea that he's essentially the embodiment of @KyloR3n (there's even a moody lightsaber segment!). After eating fries and mulling over the Cobb salad, he wonders — suddenly paranoid — why the spots are being filmed away from set instead of inside the show's famous studio.

"I know why, because I'm the new guy," he says. "They don't trust the new guys with promos in the studio so they brought us here, to this godforsaken diner to laugh and joke and dance like everything's okay, but everything's not okay."

"It's okay, it's a little intense," McKinnon reassures him. "It's just a fun change of pace."

"Oh, okay!" Driver concedes. "Whee!"

Whee, indeed.

Driver's SNL episode will air on January 16 on NBC and include performances by country star and "Tennessee Whiskey" singer Chris Stapleton.

Check out the clip, and be sure to tune in to the new episode this weekend!

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