'Saturday Night Live' is known for sending up celebrities, and this weekend was no different. The late night staple poked fun at the frenzy surrounding Jay-Z, Beyonce and what may be the most famous baby in the world, Blue Ivy.Spot on impressions by Jay Pharoah (seriously, he sounds just like Hov!) and guest host and 'SNL' alum Maya Rudolph as Bey made this an instant classic.

In the clip, unexpected guests arrive. Beyonce is surprised, but forever prepared in a glittery, short gown. The couple instructs their "white butler" to let their company in. The first guest is Prince, accompanied by smoke and awkward whispers. LL Cool J arrives next, in his "formal Kangol" for the occasion.

Nicki Minaj is next, wearing ... well, we're not sure what it is, but it certainly is befitting of the Harajuku Barbie. She sings a lullaby for Blue -- which scares the crap out of Prince. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie let themselves in and try leaving with a certain souvenir. A shocked Taylor Swift even pays a visit to the power couple.

Rudolph's mannerisms and tone nail the caricature of Queen Bey perfectly. She even sings well! A special appearance by Justin Timberlake mocking Bon Iver is flawless. We won't spoil it for you, though! Watch below and get ready to guffaw.

Watch Maya Rudolph as Beyonce on 'Saturday Night Live'