As Prince's estate, lawyers, and family continue to reportedly scramble in the wake of the late icon's passing and the absence of a will, another iconic music artist —when asked if he plans on preparing a will someday— was like, "LOL. Nah, I'm good."

Business Insider caught up with Snoop Dogg following a May 2 performance in Manhattan in promotion of his new AOL series, "Coach Snoop," a series which can't possibly be as good as "Plizzanet Earth," but I digress. While interviewing the rapper, the publication asked him (for some macabre reason) if he has any plans for his reported $143 million estate for when he dies.

His response: No, probably not — and why bother?

"I don’t give a f--- when I’m dead! What am I gonna give a f--- about?" Snoop exclaimed. "This goin’ on while I’m gone, you know?"

While he may not have plans in place for when the Grim Reaper comes knockin', the rapper does have some ideas about what he'd like to do in the afterlife. Specially, he'd like to be reincarnated into a butterfly, so he can flutter around and watch all the chaos in person — uh, in insect.

"Hopefully, I’m a butterfly," he explained, adding, "I come back and fly around and look at all these motherf---ers fighting over my money and s---, like, 'Look at all these dumb motherf---ers.' Ha!"

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