Two of the biggest weed heads team up for a fun party song that will be perfect for your next kegger. 'Young, Wild & Free' features Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa rapping about what they do best -- smoke weed and have fun. Pop crooner Bruno Mars also joins in on the fun singing the chorus.

Apparently, the ditty is from the soundtrack of the duo's high-school comedy 'Mac And Devin Go to High School.' In the movie, Snoop and Wiz play high-school students named Mac and Devin, respectively, who befriend each other and hijinks ensue. Honestly, we can't see how these two guys are going to pull off being high-schoolers, but, eh, it's their movie.

As for the song, it boasts an infectious piano groove and a bumping hip-hop backbeat as Snoop and Wiz are unapologetic about their partying ways and loving the green herb. Wiz: "I don't even care, because if me and my team in here / There's gonna be some weed in the air, tell 'em Mac." Snoop: "Blowing everywhere we are goin'/ And now you knowin' / When I step right up get my lighter so I can light up."

Bruno Mars assists with a sing-songy chorus that will undoubtedly be sung by every drunkard at every bar from coast to coast. "So what we get drunk / So what we smoke weed / We’re just having fun / We don’t care who sees," he croons.

'Young, Wild & Free' is a great song from Snoop and Wiz that will definitely resonate with those who love to get drunk and party all night long.

Listen to Snoop Dogg + Wiz Khalifa, 'Young, Wild & Free' Feat. Bruno Mars