BoA is back — in the form of a new SM STATION offering at least.

As reported earlier in the week, the "Girls on Top" international pop icon returned to the South Korean music scene with "Spring Rain" today (Apr. 28), the latest digital single to be released on S.M.'s weekly digital music project.

The PB R&B-tinged track, composed by constant collaborator Kenzie, sees the multitalented superstar opting for a chiller, more melancholy vibe this time around; her pristine voice alternating between frustrated feelings and waxing nostalgic about a lost love. Is there still some underlying hope for reconciliation?

"You're my love, my dream...can't you see we'll be together? / Come back to me," she wistfully echoes along the tripping track, perfect for soundtracking a soggy, overcast spring day. (Utada knows the feeling, too.)

The accompanying moody music video featuring scenes shot in New York City is, horrifyingly, BoA free, instead focusing on a tumultuous relationship between two randoms. But, hey! At least we've got another beautiful song from the Queen of K-Pop. Now bring on that comeback album already.

Watch above and listen below.

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