'X Factor' hopeful Stacy Francis has a big voice. Huge. Like massive. There is no denying the fact that she could rival Mariah Carey in the glass shattering, high octave category. The girl can sing, and she summons emotion from the depths of her core and funnels it through her mouth and in her songs. That said, she is a bit of a conundrum, since she's over 30, is getting a late start and she straddles the line between a few genres without pledging allegiance to any in particular.

Francis rocked a soulful version of George Michael's '80s hit ballad 'One More Try.' She was dressed in all black and a bit flashier than we've seen; her voice was even more gospel-ish this time out. She told a story with her song and her voice, thanks to a tender beginning and the mid-song build up to the soaring end.

Her mentor, Nicole Scherzinger, was bobbing and weaving and dabbing tears while Francis performed, telling the singer she had "wings" tonight.

Francis is famous for her waterworks, and L.A. Reid declared he was most proud of her for not crying and even said, "So don't start." We almost died in our seat, since she cries so much. Too much, actually.

Cowell said that Francis is a record exec's dilemma because she is talented, but that she is a church singer and that her image and choice of song didn't work or mesh with her voice tonight. Nevertheless, the Scherz sent Francis through to the next round.

Watch Stacy Francis Sing 'One More Try' on 'X Factor'