As Stacy Francis took the stage on tonight's 'X Factor,' she was visibly emotional before starting her performance of the classic song 'Summertime.' When questioned further by L.A. Reid, she revealed that the day she arrived for boot camp, her father passed away.

Francis, struggling to keep back tears, said she would always have to live with the guilt for not being around for her mother during that time and missing the funeral. But Francis also said that following her dreams on this show would have been what her father would have wanted.

As Stacey Francis dug into 'Summertime,' it was the best she has ever sounded. She was sultry, sexy, powerful and emotional. As she hit her high and low notes, the crowd ate it up. So did we. And so did the judges, who gave Francis her second standing ovation of the competition.

After she finished, L.A. Reid turned to the other judges and said, "That's deep, deep pain." Which proves the age old adage absolutely true: There is beauty in pain. As the camera came back to Francis, she said she felt her father was with her. And we're sure she made Dad very proud.

Later in the show, Francis was the last selection to move on to the next round in the Over 30s category. We're sure this is just the first of great things to come.

Watch Stacy Francis Perform 'Summertime' on 'X Factor'