Back in January of 2013, when the possibility of a new record by Mutya Keisha Siobhan (otherwise known as the Sugababes) still seemed faintly likely, the massively successful original members of the chart-topping UK girl group teased an acoustic, finger-snapping take on a then-new track called "Boys."

It sounded great then. It still sounds great now.

PopJustice wrote glowingly about the MNEK, Richard Stannard and Ash Howes-produced track at the time, teasing three whole seconds of the "properly amazing" song.

And then, nada.

Nearly four years and no new MKS releases later — be it the impatience of a producer, a songwriter or simply a well-connected 'Babes fan — the full studio version of "Boys" has, at long last, hit the Internet this week.

"Boys" is by any definition a Bop — and certainly a shoulda-been hit. The track bounces along like any of Little Mix's best, with those heaven-sent MKS harmonies and melodies that made everything from "Overload" to "Flatline" so sublime. It's simply good girl group pop.

"Boys" is an equally bittersweet listen, however, when thinking about what could have been coming from one of the greatest girl groups of all time. (Granted, Siobhan says they're still coming back in 2017. But...come on.)

Oh, well. At least we have it. Merry MKSmas — listen to "Boys" in studio form up top.

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