When you think of Taio Cruz, heartbreaking piano ballads usually don't come to mind. That is until you've heard his cover of Adele's 'Someone Like You.'

While Cruz is typically associated with club bangers like 'Dynamite' or his David Guetta collaboration 'Little Bad Girl,' he proves himself more than capable of singing with minimal accompaniment.

Cruz channels his fellow Brit Adele in the minimalist cover tune in two ways: He sounds genuinely heartbroken (though perhaps not as much as the record-breaking ginger herself), and his voice is the star of the show. His YouTube version is simply him and a keyboard -- no beats, no background singers and no Ludacris cameos.

It's almost astonishing how much Cruz can accomplish with just his falsetto and a piano, because most of his singles are so bombastic that you forget -- or never really stop dancing enough to realize -- that he can actually sing remarkably well.

Keeping with the minimalist theme, Cruz's 'Someone Like You' video features no intro, outro or dialogue. It's just a man and a piano, and really, that's all it needs to be. While Cruz claims his upcoming record -- which just got pushed back to 2012 -- will be the dance tracks that we're all used to, it wouldn't hurt to throw in a surprise like this. Broadening his musical horizons will in turn broaden his fan base. Check out his video below to become a believer.

Watch Taio Cruz Cover Adele's 'Someone Like You'