In the stark, simple video for her breathtaking ballad 'Someone Like You,' British songbird Adele takes center stage and faces the heartbreak that she details so beautifully, succinctly and painfully in the lyrics. The black and white clip features Adele and Adele only as she walks alongside the Seine in Paris, wrapped in a black coat. She is singing this devastating song while she strolls. It's an unfussy, powerful and haunting image that makes its point effectively.

Adele looks at the camera a few times, batting those mile-long eyes lashes, which are framed by her hair and its fringe. It's the most gorgeous she has ever looked -- keeping in mind that she always looks fabulous. The camera is then at Adele's back while she walks and then it pulls up alongside her and captures her profile, which is absolutely stunning. She has stopped singing at this point but the song is still playing, and the singer looks so unbelievably sad.

The camera locks in on Adele's expressive eyes a few times, and her pain is visible. Adele's heartbreak sure has yielded some unforgettable music and a visual marvel for a video. It was wise for the director to narrow the lens on Adele and her voice, since neither need much in the way of window dressing. They are both strong enough to stand on their own without excess plot, narrative or characters.

At the tail end of the video, we see a man on the periphery for a hot second as he walks away, and the camera returns its focus to Adele and the windows of her soul. It's another simple image that illustrates the stake that has been driven through Adele's heart. We don't need to see much more of him; we get the point from Adele's voice and her eyes.

Watch the Adele 'Someone Like You' Video