YouTuber Tana Mongeau is under fire after dressing up as what she calls "HOE HOE SIWA" for Halloween. The risqué ensemble was meant to resemble a "sexy" version of fellow YouTube star JoJo Siwa's bright, colorful wardrobe. However, since Siwa is only 15 years old, the Internet didn't take kindly to Mongeau's sexualized costume.

Another YouTube star, Shane Dawson, retweeted Mongeau's post and got an earful from a fan.

"Shane, you should undo this retweet," the user encouraged. "She’s sexualizing a child and it looks very wrong. You probably didn’t mean it in a bad way and thought it was funny, but the message you’re sending is wrong."

Dawson responded, admitting that never crossed his mind. "i obviously didn’t think of it that way and i’m sorry," he wrote. "i just love jojo and tana so i thought it was funny and i loved that she dressed up as her cause they are both friends of mine."

Mongeau even chimed in to assure her concerned fan that JoJo approved of the costume. "100% same jojo was telling me to do it!" she divulged. "don't wanna send any bad message i love her and didn't think of it that way!"

Does Siwa's approval make Mongeau's decision okay? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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