Everyone can stop boo-hooing Taylor Swift and her much-maligned love life once they get a peek at her newly acquired, palatial Rhode Island estate, on which she plunked down $17 million in cash! She doesn't need a to cry a river over a future ex when she can just sit by the ocean and write a song about him, thanks to this crib.

It's more than a manse – it’s a freakin' beachfront property that towers over the surf. If this is a bachelorette pad or where she'll summer, sign us up for membership in the Lonely Girls Club, which we thought was weak sauce until we got a look at this shack! We'd hang out here and bemoan single status or boyfriendlessness any day of the week.

The house, full of fireplaces, bedrooms and bathrooms, is a swanky pad to say the least.

Playing the role of Peeping Tom and get a look at the interior of T. Swizzle's abode. The inside photos, which are likely staged or the property of the seller, look like how she would decorate things, even though she hasn't done that yet. Overall, no matter what the decor, this mansion is pretty breathtaking.

Peep the pool! Look at the view of the ocean from those massive windows! Who needs boys when you have this crib?

How long until an obsessed fan is nabbed outside, trying to break in so he can say "hi," since that happens to celebs on the regular?

This all could've been yours, Harry Styles!

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