Selena Gomez appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show to perform her new single 'Come & Get It,' but not before she spoke to the host about being starstruck by meeting Brad Pitt at the 2013 Movie Awards and about life after Justin Bieber. Thankfully, she didn't say she made him cry... this time.

Sel got sheepish about her intro to Pitt, demonstrating a look of shock and awe as she proclaimed, "I got to meet Brad Pitt!" Turns out, she was done performing and in her dressing room, and she was told that Pitt wanted to come by to say hello, since he wanted a picture since his brood of kids with Angelina Jolie are fans.

She joked that she went and hid under craft service table for like two minutes since she couldn't believe it was happening. Pitt has that effect on people!

Ellen brought up the split with The Biebs, which elicited a snarky giggle from Gomez.

"I am happy. I met Brad Pitt, I'm great," she said when Ellen asked how she was doing, post-breakup. Yeah, well, he's not single, Sel.

She confirmed that no one has asked her out since the split, because, really, how do you follow in those footsteps? He's The Biebs, for heaven's sake. She may say she is fine, but the awkward giggles and the posture, and the nervous flipping of hair indicate that she is not comfortable discussing this matter.

Gomez said what she looks for in a dude -- someone who can make her laugh and is great to her parents. Hmm, that has us wondering if The Biebs made her giggle and was nice to Mom and Dad.

She spoke about meeting Taylor Swift backstage at a Jonas Brothers concert and revealed the nature of the Lonely Girls Club. Apparently, T. Swizzle hosts a ladies-only event at her house for single friends. They eat bad junk food, she cooks "some sort of cake" -- those were Sel's words -- and they play with her cat Meredith, while talking about how they are single. This sad-sounding club is six girls strong, and Sel still attended the parties, even when she was with The Biebs.

Sigh. We miss them as a couple. Don't you?

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