Taylor Swift opened the 2013 Grammys as the master of ceremonies and the ringleader, dressed all sorts of fabulous in a white top hat, suit, majorette boots and skirt.

She ditched the hat and skirt about a minute into her specatacle of a show, as she danced, surrounded by rabbits, stilt walkers and ballerinas dancing with fire. We think she may have gotten in a little dig towards her ex Harry Styles during the performance, as well.

First things first. It was certainly quite a production from T. Swizzle. It reminded us of Barnum & Baileys dosed with a little 'Wizard of Oz.' It was cute, whacky and held our attention from start to finish, since there was so much going on.

Did anyone else besides us notice that Swift delivered the "So he calls me up and tells me, 'I'm sorry, I still love you'" lyrical part in a British accent? Could that have been a nod to her most recent high profile ex, Mr. Styles of One Direction? It sure sounded like it to us.

She altered the lyric a little, saying that she aren't getting back together since she is too busy opening up the Grammys. Zing. Living well is the best revenge, Tay!

Score: Taylor, 1. Hazza? A big, fat goose egg.