Megastar collaboration alert: Taylor Swift wants to work with Bruno Mars! During Swift's chat with Elvis Duran on New York's Z100 this morning, she talked about bumping into the 'Just the Way You Are' singer at a recent event.

"We saw each other at the Met Gala ... I get into a daze at those things cause there's so much stuff to look at. I'm turning around the room and all of a sudden, there's Bruno Mars right behind me. We're in this line going through the exhibits. I was just like, 'I would love to write with you sometime,' and he's like, 'Let's do it! Let's meet up on the road.'"

We wonder if a Swift-Mars collabo would result in songs about breaking up. Swift loves to write about her failed relationships, although she says she's never happy when one ends, even if means that she suddenly has new material:

"I think when you're truly heartbroken, you're never like, 'Yes, I can parlay this into something!' You're like, 'I wanna stay in bed for five years and just eat ice cream.' I don't think I've ever celebrated a breakup, like, 'Now I've got new material,' but it just kind of ends up happening that way."

Since Swift often writes about her exes, have any of her former beaus turned the tables by penning a song about her? She says it's happened at least three times. "Those are the ones that have been speculated. There was one that I was like, 'Really? Come on.'"

Swift also discussed how she stays grounded and her relationship with her fans, one of whom camped out overnight in the heat in anticipation of her appearance at the radio station. Check out the full 22-minute interview below.