After numerous reports of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris holding hands back in March and April of this year, plus a more recent paw-to-paw touching account just days ago, new photos show that it's happened again — and this time, they're in formal wear.

According to Just Jared, the "Style" singer and the DJ-producer stepped out for a dinner date in Venice, Calif. on Tuesday (May 12). They reportedly ate at a restaurant called Gjelina, which serves New American fare, so as you can just go ahead and picture Taylor and Calvin flirting over a plate of farm-to-table roasted fingerling potatoes dusted with rosemary. You can check out the photo evidence of their hangout here.

Please take note of the guy in the background of this shot, who is wearing the same expression we'd probably have if Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breezed past us, just cuppin' mitts for all the world to see. And speaking of facial expressions, let's take a closer look Calvin's in that same picture. He's either widening his eyes because the paparazzi flash is blinding and he still wants to give good photo, or his look of disbelief reflects his inner monologue: "I can't believe I'm with Taylor Swift. I can't believe I have now entered the pantheon of people Taylor Swift will almost certainly write a song about. Life is real and dreams are real, and they're all happening to me, right now."

Will Taylor and Calvin touch hand skins again? We're willing to bet they will, and if we're lucky they'll give us even more PDA to analyze on Sunday May 17 at the Billboard Music Awards when Taylor premieres her much-hyped "Bad Blood" video. In the meantime, let's think up a good couple nickname for the two. Caylor? Talvin? Callor? We're open to suggestions.

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