Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello are two golf club-wielding total badasses in their recent music videos (T. Swift in "Blank Space," Camila in "Worth It.") Who rocks the golf club swag better?

Taylor Swift's epically psychotic "Blank Space" persona swings that golf club like there is no tomorrow, shattering her lover's car headlights into a million shards of glass. She probably also knocks him out with it, as he lays unconscious on the cold, hard ground (whoops, wrong song) as T. Swift falls to her knees with the golf club in her hand. Taylor Swift with a golf club = Fiercest woman ever.

Camila Cabello makes the golf club decidedly more sexy than scary in Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" vid, struttin' with the nine iron and somehow managing to make the golf club smokin' hot. Seriously, Camila uses the club to her advantage, werkin' it as she seductively shimmies across the floor. It's a far cry from the way that Taylor Swift uses it, but she makes it all her own. Who knew golf clubs could be so hot?

Swifties and Harmonizers, who wields the golf club better? Cast your vote for Taylor Swift or Camila Cabello in the poll below.

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