It looks like the rumors were true! Taylor Swift is Vogue's February 2012 cover girl -- and the cover's been making its rounds on the Internet this weekend. How does she look?

Stunning as usual! Swift sports her new sleek, straight hair style on the cover, with her bangs somewhat obscured by a big, floppy hat.

Swift swapped out her usual sparkles and red lips for a more modern, hip look. The lighting of the cover photo has a vintage, almost Instagram feel to it as well, which is also different from the glam, polished shots we're accustomed to seeing of Swift.

With her new stick-straight strands and her heavily lined eyes, Swift looks more like a boho Kate Moss and less like the typical country cutie we're used to. While the style isn't what we've come to expect from Swift, she looks great.

While initially rumors were abound that Swift would cover the style Bible’s all-important March issue — one of the ultimate honors in the fashion world --  Fashionista reported that honor will likely be reserved for Adele. We think February is a perfect month for Swift to cover Vogue -- the 'Love Story' singer seems appropriate for the Valentines season!