Taylor Swift may be a self-proclaimed cat lady, but rumor has it she's actually in puppy love. Us Weekly reports that the 'Safe & Sound' singer has a major crush on her maybe-dinner-date Tim Tebow.

As we previously reported, Swift, 22, had dinner with Tebow, 24, at Los Angeles eatery Toscanova on Monday, Feb. 27, and that they arrived at the restaurant together. Tebow was said to have walked Swift out after dinner before returning to their table with two others who may have been the pair's agents. Now more details emerged on the outing.

Us claims that during their dinner, Swift sipped a latte and just ogled Tebow "like a little puppy dog" the entire time, and that she has a crush on him and is a "massive fan." So does the Denver Broncos quarterback feel the same?

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound that way. The source reveals, "I don't think he sees her that way." However, the two are, in fact, pals. "They actually have been speaking a lot about the Bible and Christianity," the source dished. "Right now it’s on the friendship tip –- even though that frustrates her." Aw, keep your chin up, Taylor -- at least you have Meredith (and Kevin McGuire)!