An early Christmas present from Taylor Swift has arrived in the form of the brand new song 'Safe & Sound,' which features folk duo The Civil Wars. The song will appear on the soundtrack to the much-anticipated 'The Hunger Games' film. It marks a turn to the left for Swift, the poet laureate of the teen set.

Sonically, 'Safe & Sound' is anything but, and it's a bit of a musical departure for Swift. It's much gloomier and doomier than we've come to expect from her, and the post-apocalyptic, lilting nature of this ballad fits the theme of the books and the film, which centers on a futuristic and damaged world where teens must fight to the death in an annual event aired on live TV. The film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, lands at the multiplex on March 23 and Swift's release of the song certainly drums up even more attention for the film.

'Safe & Sound' is breathy, ethereal and heady, not frothy and lite. Swift writes her confessional and heartfelt songs for a young audience, but here, she's exploring her dark side. The song's twangy guitars, and  the icy, layered vocals make it sound like it could be sung around a campfire in the woods when you are telling scary stories that aren't exactly fake.

Swift sings "Just close your eyes / The sun is going down / You'll be alright / No one can hurt you now / Come morning light / You and I will be safe and sound" in the chorus and it's tense stuff, surrounded by lots of "Oooooohs," as well. This is the most grown-up Taylor Swift song we've ever heard.


Listen to Taylor Swift, 'Safe & Sound' Feat. The Civil Wars