The Fray frontman Isaac Slade has a way of pouring emotion into every song he sings, and the band's acoustic performance of their new single 'Break Your Plans' at the PopCrush studio was no exception.

The intimate performance was the perfect setting for Slade to showcase his trademark vocals, which sound as raw and real as ever as he elongates and emphasizes each note on the heartfelt track, the band's second single off of their latest album, 'Helios.' Flanked by two acoustic guitars played by band members Joe King and Ben Wysocki, the group delivers a moving, stripped-down performance that highlights the meaning of the lyrics, which tell of a desperate longing for a loved one to stay.

The Fray is one band that completely nails their live performances time and time again, and their acoustic rendition of 'Break Your Plans' for PopCrush only further proves that fact. Watch the video above.