The Fray joined PopCrush in New York to perform ‘Love Don’t Die,’ the first single off of the band's fourth studio album, ‘Helios.’ The pop-rock group hasn’t lost their touch since their 2005 highly-acclaimed ‘How to Save a Life’ debut, and this exclusive performance proves it.

The four-member act stripped down to the bare instrument essentials to perform ‘Love Don’t Die’ for PopCrush's Off the Record series. Even when equipped with only two acoustic guitars and a tambourine, it’s impossible to miss the rock qualities in their music. Some of that sound can be traced back to the guitar riffs, but it’s due mostly to lead singer Isaac Slade’s gritty voice — and we mean gritty in the best way.

The Fray hit the music scene nearly a decade ago, immediately earning success with their first LP and its hit singles such as ‘Over My Head (Cable Car)’ and ‘Look After You.’ The band’s latest studio effort, ‘Helios,’ debuted in the Billboard Top 10 after its late February release.

Long-standing Fray fans might notice the slightly different sound the group is presenting. Many of their previous singles were piano dependent, but that’s not the case for ‘Love Don’t Die.’ The pop-rock song is guitar heavy, and when it’s performed with full setup, drums play a big role as well.

With lyrics like “A thousand years go by / But love don’t die” and “No matter where we go / Or even if we don’t / And even if they try / They’ll never take my body from your side / Love don’t die,” this diehard love anthem is a song of romance through and through, despite its rougher sound.

Check out the Fray’s ‘Love Don’t Die’ performance up above.