Jason Derulo's performances go beyond vocals. The 24-year-old wants to make songs come alive.

In a recent chat with the Boombox, Jason opened up about his inspirations, explaining, “My favorite performances were always people that put on a show, not just actually singing the song but actually making the song come to life with either theatrics or some kind of dance."

He even brought in a dance crew for his performance of 'Trumpets.' With the group's dynamic energy and Jason's signature voice -- yep, he hits some high notes! -- it's safe to say the song came to life!

Jason also channeled another source of inspiration, the female form, for his performance of 'Wiggle.' The singer gives off some majorly sultry vibes as he highlights a favorite aspect of a woman's body: her booty!

Check out Jason and his dance crew's energetic performance of 'Trumpets' in the video above, and watch the crooner turn up the heat with 'Wiggle' in the video below.

Watch Jason Derulo Perform 'Wiggle'