The Fray recently sat down with us for PopCrush’s Off the Record series, performing a set comprised of new songs from their latest studio album, ‘Helios,’ and one very personal Ben Folds cover.

Lead vocalist Isaac Slade explained that he chose to cover ‘The Luckiest’ because it’s “a pretty special song” to him. The raw emotion in his voice is evident when he sings the romantic ballad, and it becomes clear why the song speaks to him on a personal level once he explains the backstory.

“My girlfriend at the time and I were at a Ben Folds show back in ’05,” Isaac told PopCrush, "when we were opening for Ben, and I asked Ben if I could propose onstage during that song. He said, ‘Why don’t you just let me play it, and I’ll dedicate it to you guys, and you can propose somewhere else?’ And I was like, ‘No, man! This’ll be great! It’ll be a moment!’ and he’s like, ‘Your girl’s not gonna wanna do that in front of everybody. Your whole life’s about to be public.’ Dude, she would’ve hated it. Ben knew my wife better than I did.”

Maybe so, but ‘The Luckiest’ still ended up being a sweet moment shared between Isaac and Anna, who is now the singer’s wife. “So we were at Radio City,” he continued, “and Ben said something really cool right before the song and played it and then I chose not to propose that night. I proposed earlier that morning already. So it was our first engaged musical moment.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Isaac starts off the exclusive PopCrush performance with the dedication, “This is for my lady, Anna.”

Check out Isaac’s cover of ‘The Luckiest’ above.

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