On tonight's (Aug. 7) penultimate episode of 'The Glee Project,' the final five were asked to show their "actability." Since 'Glee' is not just about singing and dancing, but about acting, this episode was a challenge. Sadly, with the finale slated for next week, both Michael and Lily were sent home, leaving Blake, Ali and Aylin to compete in the finals. They are the strongest contenders, so it makes sense.

Here's what went down and how:

Theme: As mentioned previously, "actability" was the theme, which is arguably the most important quality that the remaining five need to have. No matter what song they sing or what dance moves they bust, they will be acting the entire time when starring on 'Glee.'

Mentor: Dianna Agron aka Quinn Fabray on 'Glee' was the proper cast member who showed up for a little 'TGP' fun and mentoring. She's a triple threat who can sing, dance and act, and she had to deal with so many changes as her character. "You need to roll with the punches," Agron said.

Homework Assignment: 'Addicted to Love,' the '80s anthem by Robert Palmer, was the homework assignment, but there was a twist. Agron held up cards with an emotion written on them and each singer had to display that emotion during their part. There was a line between drama, melodrama and histrionics. Agron wished Lily would have gone bigger, while she felt Blake was fun and fantastic. Uh, yeah, he's the front-runner. She loved Ali's excitement, calling the five remaining performers "balls of life." She ultimately chose Michael, who is clearly not the stronger of the final two boys.

Music Video: Ah, the feel-good hit of Pink's career, the sassy, "love yourself" anthem 'Perfect,' was the music video. There was a twist this week, too, since it's the semi-finals. The contestants had to make a trailer for a fictitious movie. Aylin is a Turkish Muslim who gets pregnant by the quarterback, played by Blake, who is not a nice guy. Michael is a football player who hero worships Blake but falls for Aylin. Ali is Michael's sister who dreamed of Olympic gold, but an accident marred those dreams. Lily played the driver of the car who caused the accident, something Agron's Quinn knows plenty about. There was no choreogrpahy.

Lily took over the scene, drowning out Ali, who fought to become part of their interaction. We saw a dark Blake, who was a stark contrast to his normal persona and not the likable, charming jock that Ryan Murphy said was coasting on charm last week. He played a real jerk and was nearly unrecognizable. Michael bounced off against Blake brilliantly, as frenemies. Aylin got emotional putting on her traditional head scarf, and played the pregnant teen role to perfection.

Last Chance: All five had to perform for Murphy and six members of the 'Glee' writing team. They had to tell their story to inspire them to write seven episodes. Lily sang 'Son of a Preacher Man,' being all cute but looking like she'd be hard to direct, a recurring problem for her; Michael sang a slowed down, ballad-version of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' with his natural sweetness. Ali sang 'Here's to Us' by Halestorm and killed it, since the writers felt like they could write her as a b----, with her disability being the least of her traits. Blake, who offered a master class in improv acting and who drove every scene he was in, sang 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John and did some cute dance moves. Yeah, he's hubby material and a star, according to the writers. Aylin sang 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera. She is something the show has never had.

So now it's Ali vs. Aylin vs. Blake.