On tonight's (June 12) episode of 'The Glee Project,' the contestants had to show their dance-ability. Unfortunately for Dani, she was sent home. While soulful and artful, she didn't fit the pop/Broadway mode that defines 'Glee.'

There was drama from the get-go, as Taryn, who was admittedly shy and nervous, bowed out. She couldn't cope with the pressure just two weeks in, which suggests that she needs a career change. It was also a tough week, since some of the hopefuls are singers without much dance training.

For their homework assignment, the singers performed 'We Got the Beat' by all-girl group the Go-Go's. Abraham was the victor, and won the prominent role in the music video, which was for LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem.' That's certainly a song designed for dance-ability.

The video was cute, with the singers party rocking and playing spin the bottle. There was some shuffling, with Blake pretty much taking it. But the producers felt that it was the worst video ever, and they struggled with trying to pick who sucked the least. Ouch.

For the "Last Chance" with Ryan Murphy, the adorably androgynous Dani, who rocks Bieber bangs, sang 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac, with real vulnerability. Murphy suggested that she is an artist but not a 'Glee'-like performer, in the Broadway and pop style. She didn't "sell it."

Tyler sang 'Daniel' by Elton John. He has a difficult time, since he is transgendered and transitioning. With that, his voice is changing. He was better this week than last, but couldn't dance. The brave things he is doing in his life aren't translating to the show, according to Murphy.

Lily sang 'Man, I Feel Like a Woman' by Shania Twain, and even removed her cardigan, mid-song. She started off slow, but she used her voice and her body to turn in a sassy perf, where she flirted with the band.

Dani was ultimately sent home since, while talented, she doesn’t fit the 'Glee' archetype. It's worth noting that it's to her credit that she isn't pop. But it was the fact that she didn't adapt that did her in.

Here's a quick breakdown of who did what this week:

Michael: He was a bit quiet.
Dani: She seemed like she was at a house party, waiting for her ride during the vid.
Charlie: He's crushing on Aylin, since he thinks talent is sexy and she has talent. Romance alert?
Abraham: He won the homework assignment, but faltered in the music video.
Ali: She rolled through in her wheelchair and her energy was better than shuffling.
Mario: He broke down after finding out he was safe.
Shanna: She’s still the frontrunner.
Tyler: His performance aspect isn't rising to the top.
Aylin: She's not here for romance.
Nellie: She was snakebitten during the music video.
Blake: He is quite the shuffler.
Lily Mae: She struggled with pitch and timing, despite being trained. She didn't take criticism well.