NYC producers and performers the Knocks are rising stars within the electronic music world. Catch up with the duo with their new lyric video for 'The Prize,' premiering today exclusively on PopCrush.

The pulsing track from Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson has a strong feeling of movement, which comes to life in a lyric video; the words are featured atop a video taken from a vehicle driving through a city at night. The footage is sped-up, making the blinding street lights and headlights from the other vehicles stand out behind the white lyrics.

The song itself even references traffic, with the lines, "Moving fast, when did cabs get little televisions / Looking back through the glass at footprints in the snow / At the red, people cross like a parade of nothing / It's too much, wanna stop it like a video."

'The Prize' appears on the Knocks' recent EP 'Magic,' which incorporates hip-hop, disco and soul into an electronic pop sound. 'Magic' is available for purchase on iTunes.

The Knocks started out by remixing songs for artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga but eventually found that they preferred working on their own music. "It's better because it's ours, and we can do whatever we want with it," JPatt says in a press release.

Catch the Knocks live on the road when the duo takes the stage at Jay-Z's Made in America Festival on Sept. 2, followed by a two-week tour with Dragonette.