The fact that we're getting a remake of The Mummy in 2017 is surreal enough — who asked for this? Why would someone want to overwrite Brendan Fraser's very legacy? Did Universal Studios' Revenge of the Mummy ride just need a rebrand or something? — but viewers of the IMAX trailer for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie had to initially wonder if someone was playing a trick on them or something.

This erroneous IMAX version of the trailer is missing some audio tracks, and you might not realize how crucial sound effects are when creating a cinematic mood until you're hysterically laughing at Tom Cruise and costar Annabelle Wallis' unadorned screams as they rattle around in a fake plane. Giggling at Wallis' grunted "unhnh!" as she's falling into the sky probably isn't the effect director Alex Kurtzman intended. Basically, it's College Humor's "Music Videos Without Music" series except by accident, because someone screwed up.

The video made the rounds online early Tuesday morning (December 20), and when Universal took notice of the error, the YouTube video was sadly yanked for correction. Fortunately, Twitter user, archivist and hero @Babylonian saved it for posterity — watch the hilariously sound effect-free The Mummy trailer above. You can also watch the original trailer here, but what's the fun in that?