In the opening shot of this week's episode, 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' Damon and Stefan get into a nice big wreck on the road. Lovely, right? 

Then of course, we switch to Elena and Caroline chatting via cell about Stefan's amnesia. But the best part? There's this creepy tradition called 'Remembrance Day' and Caroline is going to ask the new cute lab assistant Jesse to go.

Next we cut to Damon and Stefan drinking and talking about said holiday, which is basically about burying people alive. Then Stefan has a moment with a waitress and Damon convinces him, not to, tearing into the waitress's jugular would be bad, very bad. Elena comes in and Stefan continues to not recognizes her, so Elena takes a depressed drink of booze. As Damon says, "200 years is a lot to catch up on."

Bonnie walks in on Jeremy doing push-ups and looking hot. Witty flirting is interrupted by Matt freaking out to Jeremy about how he's losing time. He's even set up cameras to catch his actions during his blackouts. Jeremy is less than helpful in his advice. Matt asks where Bonnie is. Jeremy lies again and looks guilty.

Elena wants to call Bonnie; Damon assures her it's already been done and let Stefan be guilt free and drink. Elena reminds him of his wee little problem with blood lust. But as soon as Damon refutes it, they both realize Stefan has vanished, as well as the waitress whose neck he was eyeing before.

Stefan of course has cornered the waitress and starts to do creepy, dramatically lit vampire juju on her. Just as he's about to chomp on down... Wham! Damon comes to the rescue to push him away from that oh-so-tempting exposed throat.

Damon decides that Stefan needs to drink in solitude until they can get his brain "witchy-woo" back to normal. Of course, the best place to go is the Salvatore tomb, which is gloomy but appropriate. Damon gets a text from Jeremy and leaves Elena and Stefan alone and Elena fills him in on her life. Stefan is astonished why he can't remember her and then hits on her.

Naturally, after this Elena decides to take Stefan to the place they met/the high school. She tries to recreate the exact moment they met to jog his memory. It doesn't work one bit. It also of course puts Stefan right in the path of people, i.e. a jock with a bloody forehead. Wasn't the point of this whole tomb drinking thing to keep him away from breathing, living humans?

Damon calls Jeremy, Jeremy says he knows where Bonnie is (aka, she's dead) but doesn't want to explain it over the phone. Damon gets pissed. Jeremy is all panicked. Dear Lord, why must these boys all be so stressed? Oh right. The whole vampire/ supernatural stat doesn't exactly settle the nerves, I suppose.

Elena takes Stefan to the roof of the school and re-teaches him to vampire jump. Cute, romantic, in a creepy kinda way. Stefan puts two-and-two together and realizes hey, he and Elena dated. He's then kinda like, what went wrong? She confesses it was her being a vampire (leaving out that she's dating Damon). He asks how she became a vampire and she conveniently avoids the question by free-falling off the roof.

Now we jump to Caroline flirting with her crush Jesse in a graveyard and "studying" while the Remembrance Day party going on. There's Intense eye contact, a joke, and then he goes in for the kiss. She looks a little confused/conflicted, he pulls back and then awkwardly resumes studying.

Damon approaches Jeremy and decides to explain why Bonnie isn't here. Ghost Bonnie doesn't want him to say it, and neither does Damon -- but he says it anyways. Bonnie is dead. Jeremy then says that, "people need to know." Damon gets angry, but then has a bro-hug with Jeremy. A true male bonding moment.

Elena and Stefan continue to go over their tragic history and she tells him he was the "perfect boyfriend." They go back to the bridge where he didn't save her, twice. He tells her that regaining his memory is helping control his urge to feed. Elena and Stefan then have more romantic moments: She touches his face; they stare into each other's eyes; they almost kiss -- then Elena (finally!) confesses she's with Damon, who is his brother. What a buzzkill. Stefan is kinda annoyed as to why no one told him -- and then the hunger returns. And he vanishes.

Matt wakes to find a gash on his hand. He goes to the cameras to find out what happened and watches himself answer the phone, then hears himself talking in Traveler speak. Why? Because the Traveler that has taken over his brain. Then possessed Matt walks over to the camera, takes a knife, and declares it's a blade he must "protect at all cost." He then proceeds to cut his hand and says, "or this will be your throat." A classic Jekyll-Hyde threat.

Damon calls Elena, about to tell her about Bonnie. Elena confesses, whoops, she lost Stefan. Caroline then stumbles upon Stefan who is vampire-hungry and creepy. Jesse comes onto the scene and Caroline tells him to go away and hide. Stefan then asks Caroline for blood bags. She turns to grab some. Stefan vanishes.

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Jesse, hiding in a crypt, calls Caroline and then Stefan creeps up on him and goes straight vampire all over his neck. Ugh. This is not going to go down well with Caroline. Stefan may have to find a new BFF after this incident.

Fortunately, Stefan only gets a nice big bite off before Jesse gets away. Stefan is proud to see that he only took a bite even though he's a ripper. Jesse is naturally freaked out and then Stefan bites down on Jesse again.

Jeremy comes in on Matt and decides to also confess to him that Bonnie is dead. Then we go back to Stefan chowing down on Jesse. Caroline interrupts and Stefan leaves. Caroline realizes that Jesse needs to have some of her vampire blood if he wants to survive the damage Stefan inflicted upon him.

Elena and Damon come upon Stefan burning his journals in the library. He basically tells Elena and Damon to piss off and leaves. Elena throws a hissy fit and asks where the heck is Bonnie -- and then Damon tells her Bonnie is dead.

Caroline comes upon Stefan being pensive in the family tomb. He tells her he's been doing a lot of thinking. She tells him Bonnie is dead and this is not a good thing. Both of them just chill in the crypt, trying not to feel so many feelings. Caroline asks how she's supposed to move on without Bonnie and Tyler -- and Stefan tells her she has him. He'll be there for her like she was for him last night.

Damon then walks in on Elena freaking out about Bonnie's death. Damon hugs Elena as she has a breakdown, and rightfully so. Ghost Bonnie watches them through the window.

The episode ends with all (minus Stefan) gathering for Bonnie's funeral. They leave remembrances of her, neatly tying in the "Remembrance Day" theme. Ghost Bonnie watches them and then Jeremy takes the bell and rings it... And then Ghost Bonnie feeds him words to say to each of them. Then, at the very end, Tyler shows up! YES! He's back! The gang is back. Bonnie is happy. Jeremy and Ghost Bonnie hold hands.

The final final moment is with Jesse, who turns to Klaus for help, which is a bad idea since Klaus, upon discovering he has vampire blood in his veins, decides to turn him completely. Jesse spazzes out as Klaus uses a syringe to jumpstart the change. Then the episode ends, not on quite the cliffhanger of the last episode, but still -- where will this new storyline go?