2014 was quite the year for the Vamps, what with their debut album, 'Meet the Vamps' coming out and duetting with Demi Lovato on 'Somebody to You' and all. But besides all of their success, the guys can also joke around with the best of 'em -- just watch their blooper reel in the vid above!

Not that we'd ever expect Brad, Tristan, James and Connor to take things so seriously (they read fan fiction about themselves for us at PopCrush, after all!), but this blooper vid is on a whole other level, complete with bare butts (we see you, Brad), fart jokes, tough guy accents, endless laughs and yes, even a slo-mo version of that time Connor fell off the stage. LOL! You know what they say: Boys will be boys. And in this case, the Vamps will definitely be the Vamps.

Check out their hilarious blooper reel in the video above!

Watch the Vamps Read Fan Fiction About Themselves